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  • Call Amb. Haley at the US Mission to the UN at 1-212-415-4000, press 6 and ask to leave a message for Amb. Haley.  Send an email by clicking here
  • Call Secretary of State Tillerson and Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Amb. Yamamoto, at 1-202-647-6575, press 8 and leave a brief message.  Send an email by clicking here.

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The United States is in need of a Sudan policy that effectively supports the people of Sudan in their efforts to establish a viable state that is no longer a breeding ground for terrorism and is no longer plagued by genocide, mass atrocities, forced displacement, human rights abuses, and gross mismanagement of the country and its resources. 

Rather than taking a new comprehensive approach to Sudan, the U.S. is sidetracked by Obama’s decision to lift sanctions, a decision that is benefiting the Sudanese regime by allowing it to continue to support terrorism and the destruction and marginalization of the Sudanese people while removing the primary source of leverage to achieve national and international peace and security.

In response, Sudanese and others are urging the U.S. Administration to put the right people and policy in place in order to determine appropriate engagement and certainly before any decision is made on sanctions.


  • Demonstration at the United Nations:  Saturday, September 23rd, 11:00am - 3:00pm EST, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (E 47th between 1st and 2nd Avenues).  While Sudan's Foreign Minster addresses the UN, the Darfur People's Association in New York, in solidarity with other Darfur associations and Sudanese political and civil society organizations, will condemn the massive human rights abuses committed by the Sudan regime.

  • Bashir Visit Highlights Abuses in Darfur (Human Rights Watch, September 22, 2017) Today’s shootings show...that Darfur is a place where killing to silence protesters is commonplace. That, when combined with years of impunity and continuing human rights abuses across the country, should certainly give pause to those in the United States government considering relaxing all sanctions on Sudan’s government. 

  • 22 NGOs Call for Strong, Action-Oriented Resolution on Sudan at UN Human Rights Council (ACJPS, September 21, 2017) We would like to draw your attention to the Sudanese government’s continuing violations against civilians, including internally displaced persons (IDPs), in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur. Despite the Government’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire, indiscriminate attacks have continued against civilians in violation of international humanitarian law.

  • Don't let the US Lift Sanctions Against Sudan (Petition, DWAG) We are launching this petition to urge the US to keep sanctions on Sudan as a measure to end the longstanding genocide and to dismantle terrorist ties with the government of Sudan.

  • Statement from Darfur IDPs and Refugees (September 19, 2017)  We call on U.S. congress members, Human rights groups and activists to oppose the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Sudan.  We appeal to U.S. administration to instead impose additional sanctions on Sudan regime and take perpetrators of genocide, war crimes and human rights violations to justice, instead of rewarding the criminals through lifting of sanctions.

  • Sudanese for Sanctions on Bashir - Letter to Congress (September 14, 2017)  We, Sudanese American citizens, write to request your urgent help in opposing the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Sudan.  The lives of our family and friends depend on it.  We implore the U.S. to instead impose additional sanctions on the Sudan regime and to specifically target those who support terrorist ideology and networks; commit genocide, mass atrocities and crimes against the people of Sudan; violate human rights and basic freedoms; and undermine genuine peace processes.    

  • Don't Embolden the #SudaneseGenocidaires (Stop Genocide Now)  On Thursday, September 14, Sudanese are gathering to protest the visit of Ibrahim Ghandour, the Foreign Minister of Sudan and one of the architects of genocide that has destroyed their country and millions of lives, and they are sending a message to the Administration and Congress that Sudanese support U.S. sanctions.

  • Letter to President Trump on Sudan Sanctions (Act for Sudan | August 2, 2017)  We the undersigned 67 U.S.-based Sudanese and American human rights organizations, faith-based organizations and leading advocates write out of concern about the possibility of the United States permanently lifting sanctions on Sudan. Since the sanctions decision was postponed until October 12, 2017, we ask you to use the time to clearly test whether the government of Sudan has fundamentally changed its ways, or if it is merely agreeing to minimal changes that it can easily reverse.

  • Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Co-Chairs Lead Letter Urging Trump to Delay Lifting Sanctions (June 30, 2017) ...relieving Sudan of sanctions - without having a new phase of engagement in place, along with new, targeted pressures - will not increase our leverage but rather weaken it while empowering a genocidal regime with additional capacity to acquire more military equipment, train more soldiers to commit more war crimes and further its support for groups like the ex-Seleka. 

  • 30 Day Twitter Campaign - June 2017 (see below) 

Sudanese for Sanctions on Bashir Appeal to Congress and Demonstrate in Washington on September 14, 2017

Press:  Foreign Policy, Voice of America

June Tweets

Each day in June, we are sending a tweet to the President and others in his Administration, to those responsible for advising Secretary Tillerson on whether or not to continue U.S. sanctions on Sudan, and to leaders in Congress, urging them to help influence the Administration with regard to smart Sudan policy.  

  • Trump Administration:  President Trump (@POTUS), Vice President Pence (@VP), Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump)
  • Drafters of the Report re Sustained Positive Actions by the GoS:  Secretary Tillerson (@StateDept), Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin (@stevenmnuchin1), Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats (@SenDanCoats), Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (@USAID)
  • Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Senator Bob Corker (@SenBobCorker)
  • House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Ed Royce (@RepEdRoyce)

To save space, just the tweets to the President are listed below.

June 1   Dear @POTUS, advancing US interests requires a #SmartSudan Policy.  @realDonaldTrump Needs to Take Action on Sudan

June 2  .@POTUS, @NRC_Norway reports violence displaced 4M.  Bashir contributing to refugee crisis. #SmartSudan @NubaReports

June 3  .@POTUS:  Darfur attacked. #SmartSudan policy requires independent verification for informed sanctions decision.

June 4  .@POTUS Easing sanctions is not #SmartSudan policy - it risks undermining the integrity of int'l financial systems. 

June 5  GoS response to cholera epidemic fails "improvement of humanitarian access" sanctions test. @POTUS - save lives w/ #SmartSudan policy.

June 6  #SmartSudan policy protects #HumanRightsDefenders. No freedom, no sanctions relief. @POTUS pls #FreeMudawi & Hafiz

June 7  GoS breaks "pledge to maintain a cessation of hostilities." @POTUS, smart sanctions = #SmartSudan policy. 

June 8  .@POTUS, #SmartSudan policy will apply "pressure on the govt to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Nuba mountains"

June 9  #SmartSudan Policy does not reinforce impunity by rewarding perpetrators of genocide. @POTUS #ArrestBashir

June 10  .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy must be implemented by a Special Envoy who can outsmart "masters of the political game."

June 11  .@KingSalman cooperation w/state sponsor of terrorism flouts US #SmartSudan policy. @POTUS please intervene.

June 12  #SmartSudan Policy: 11 days of tweets in review for @POTUS / @realDonaldTrump

June 13  .@POTUS, #SmartSudan policy includes appointment of a new high-level Special Envoy.

June 14  Sanctions lifted, fighter jets/tanks purchased, mass atrocities facilitated. Not #SmartSudan policy, @POTUS.

June 15  .@POTUS "Recent bloodshed/displacement of civilians" means #SmartSudan policy keeps sanctions & all peacekeepers

June 16  .@POTUS, #SmartSudan policy doesn't lift sanctions & legitimize genocidal church-destroying regime. Thx @EWTN

June 17  .@POTUS why Cuba and not Sudan?  Thank you @greta!  Shame on @SPB_Global!  #SmartSudan policy keeps sanctions.

June 18   .@POTUS, #SmartSudan policy uses financial pressure tools to exert leverage on Sudan's violent kleptocracy

June 19   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy must demand the release of all political prisoners & human rights defenders @NickKristof

June 20   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy includes advisory for Sudanese gold due to links w/violent conflict & money laundering

June 21   Sudan "knows exactly what we want.  They're playing us like a violin." #SmartSudan policy must be strategic, @POTUS

June 22   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy advances human rights, religious freedom, democratic reform, good governance & comprehensive peace #Track6

June 23   More evidence, info needed to make #SmartSudan policy decision on sanctions: @POTUS @StateDept delay 6 mo

June 24   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy focuses on peace, human rights & financial pressures to address core issues

June 25   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy must support US national interests. The #Sudan regime is not a partner in the war on terror. It supports terror.

June 26   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy targets corruption that enabled healthcare collapse & compounds humanitarian crisis

June 27   .@POTUS and @VP #SmartSudan policy requires govt appointees, targeted sanctions, and justice for the Sudanese

June 28   .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy does not reward the systematic rape of women and girls by a genocidal regime.

June 29   .@POTUS, #KoutsisMistaken. 1997 sanctions for #HumanRights abuses. #SmartSudan policy will stay the course.

June 30   .@POTUS, Sudan regime failed five-track engagement plan. New comprehensive #SmartSudan policy needed. #EndImpunity