Rebooting the U.S. / South Sudan Relationship: A Possible Approach for Congress

Congress has long supported the people of southern Sudan in their struggle to experience freedom and equality and it remains committed to helping the people of South Sudan secure a just and lasting peace.

Congress understands the long history of marginalization, conflict and poverty experienced by the people of South Sudan and the trauma this has imposed on all South Sudanese from the leadership of the country to the youngest members of society.

Congress understands that the culture of leadership in many parts of the world and in East Africa, in particular, has been found severely lacking and yet these leaders are rarely held accountable by the international community, which sets a dangerous precedent and perpetuates practices that harm innocent civilians.

Congress understands the curse of abundant oil and natural resources, especially for countries that are emerging out of centuries of poverty and neglect and with negligible institutions and varying degrees of experience among its leadership.

Congress understands that the U.S. and the international community should have engaged more effectively in the birth and development of South Sudan to date.

Understanding these realities, Congress is determined, more than ever, to engage in South Sudan in a way that facilitates positive change for the people of South Sudan.  

Congress requests to meet monthly in person and by phone with President Salva Kiir, Vice President James Wani Igga and First Vice President Taban Deng Gai to discuss the challenges and the way forward in South Sudan and to follow-up on measurable plans of action.

Congress will authorize funding to provide the necessary personnel and resources to build the capacity of South Sudan's institutions, political parties, media and civil society, and to provide humanitarian aid to alleviate the growing level of hunger throughout the country.

Congress will take the necessary measures to hold accountable and to penalize anyone, inside or outside of South Sudan, who promotes, facilitates or carries out violence against the people of South Sudan.

Congress will remain seized of the matter until the people of South Sudan experience a just and lasting peace.