A Noble Bipartisan Legacy

Dear Members of Congress,

The people of Sudan continue to bravely and peacefully protest the Bashir regime in their difficult struggle for freedom, democracy, justice and genuine peace.

The people of Sudan have, for decades, counted on bipartisan support from Congress as they have struggled to survive a regime intent on changing the identity of Sudan while stealing the resources of the country.  

Senator Frist of Tennessee, Senator Feingold of Wisconsin, Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia, the late Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey and many other Members of Congress have resolutely stood together against genocide and for democratic transformation in Sudan.

Please consider how you can contribute to this long and noble legacy of Congress on behalf of the people of Sudan.

Many thanks to Rep. Karen Bass and Rep. Jim McGovern for their important statements this past week.

Please find below new information and analysis on Sudan for your reference.

Best regards,

Esther Sprague
Sudan Unlimited