Deadlines and Consequences Required

Dear Members of Congress,

Many thanks to Senator Menendez and Representatives Karen Bass and Jason Crow for continuing to speak out in support of the people of Sudan. 

We know other leaders in Congress are voicing their support and we are sincerely grateful.  If we can help spread your message, please share your statements, facebook posts, tweets, etc.

Thankfully the world is waking up to the nightmare experienced by the people of Sudan.  The New York TimesFoxNewsCNNVogueGeorge Clooney and so many others are raising awareness and adding necessary pressure in support of the Sudanese people.

Thankfully the UNSC issued an important statement condemning violence against civilians and logically the UN is suspending the handover of Darfur IDP camps to the TMC.

At the UN, the US is calling for an independent investigation of violence in Khartoum, and Tibor Nagy, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, echoed this and support for a civilian-led government this week in his important visit to Khartoum.   

These are all incredibly valuable steps, but the regime, now re-branded the TMC, has been down this road before and it knows exactly what to do...keep talking, buy time and remain firmly in power.  

The United States must not be fooled this time and it must not waste this moment in history and the precious lives of Sudanese people who bravely stand for freedom, justice and genuine peace.

The regime listens to one thing and that is consequences.  The U.S. and it allies must establish deadlines and serious consequences for real change.

People all around the world who yearn for freedom and a better life are watching.  The United States must rise to the occasion like never before and provide leadership in support of the people of Sudan that will inspire hope beyond Sudan's borders and ultimately yield a more stable and secure world for all of us.

Best regards,

Sudan Unlimited