Cheers for Congress

Dear Members of Congress,

On Saturday, I was invited to speak at the Oakland protest. The large crowd of mostly Sudanese cheered enthusiastically when they heard of the many ways Congress is standing with the people of Sudan. Thank you!!

Special thanks to Senator Risch, Senator Coons and Congressman McGovern for important statements in advance of the massive protests in Sudan on June 30th.

The Troika (U.S., U.K. and Norway) also issued a statement on Freedoms in Sudan. While the statement is appreciated, it is important to recognize that the TMC is not a legitimate authority or credible partner but rather it is a group of dangerous criminals holding Sudan hostage and it is responsible for more deaths and injuries this past weekend. The promise of economic development is meaningless as long as Sudan is controlled by individuals who have already looted the country and have used the resources of Sudan to harm its citizens.

Dr. Suliman Baldo writes, “The same corrupt cadre of military leaders who benefited from the previous Bashir regime are now doing everything possible to keep their grip on power and illicit wealth. The Enough Project demands that the generals controlling the TMC be held to account for their past atrocity crimes against the Sudanese people in conflict areas and their bloody repression against those now calling for a democratic government accountable to the people. It is imperative that the United States waste no further time in deploying Global Magnitsky sanctions against those responsible for the human rights abuses and state theft that so far have continued in Sudan with impunity.”

It is worth noting that, in light of current events in Sudan, the E.U. has finally suspended funding operations to curb immigration -- funding that benefited the TMC's Rapid Support Forces (aka Janjaweed).

In closing, as we prepare to celebrate the independence of the United States this week, thank you again for supporting those in Sudan and around the world who bravely remain in the noble struggle for freedom, justice, equal citizenship, democracy and genuine peace.

Best regards,

Sudan Unlimited